• Mould Remediation

Our mould remediation services.

Westaway provides mould remediation services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern Rivers areas. Mould has always been present in the natural environment however an awareness of its effects on our health has only recently come to the fore. Mould growth becomes a health hazard when mould spores become airborne. Airborne microscopic mould spores can be inhaled into the human respiratory system and are of particular concern for young infants or the elderly.

At present there are no Australian Standards to provide guidance in dealing with mould growth. Generally the American IICRC Standard S520 is used. The technicians at Westaway Restorations use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) on mould affected sites. Air Scrubbers with Hepa filters are also used to remove airborne mould spores and provide a safe working environment. Westaway Restorations has designed a unique system of temporary walls to isolate the mould affected areas of a building and limit the spread of further contamination during cleaning and remediation. This system is particularly effective in open plan homes and buildings.

How we can help

We also provide the following services as part of our Mould Remediation:

  • Cleaning and Treatment of Mould affected Building & Contents

  • Drying of building and contents

  • Assessment & Listing of Beyond Salvageable Items

  • Surface Swab Testing and Air Testing of Mould Affected areas

Disaster Clean Up & Repairs

Westaway Restorations provide Water & Storm Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mould Remediation and Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.

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