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Westaway Restorations is a leading provider of disaster cleanup and repair.

Since 1987 we have built a restoration business that offers the following services to the insurance and commercial sectors.

Water & Storm Damage Restoration

Westaway conducts emergency water extraction 24 hours/365 days a year to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern Rivers Regions. Moisture detection & drying of building & contents using air movers & dehumidifiers. Restoration of water damaged carpet & furniture.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Westaway Restorations specialises in the restoration of residential and commercial properties after fire or smoke damage on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions. Our qualified technicians will inspect the fire and/or smoke affected building, furniture and contents items, prepare and commence a program of salvage and restoration.

Commercial Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Our qualified Technicians conduct water and fire damage restoration services quickly and without compromise ensuring you can get back to business as soon as safely possible.

Specialist Timber Floor Drying

Using our specialised equipment, you could save thousands of dollars by Westaway restoring your timber floors instead of having to replace them.

Mould Remediation

Westaway provides mould removal and remediation services to ensure you have a healthy environment. Mould growth can become a health hazard when mould spores become airborne and inhaled into the human respiratory system.

Sewage/Effluent Remediation

Westaway provides sewage/effluent remediation services that includes an assessment of your structural materials and content items such as carpet and curtains to determine whether salvage is economical. An evaluation takes into account the degree of contamination as well as the cost of replacement.

Trauma and Crime Scene Decontamination & Cleaning

Westaway Restorations provide Trauma and Crime Scene Decontamination and Cleaning. Following an act of violence in a residential or commercial setting, the police may recommend forensic cleaning occurs. Unlike domestic cleaning, which focuses on general housekeeping and presentation, forensic cleaning focuses on restoring the premises to a condition which is safe and healthy for re-entry.

Pack-Out & Storage of Furniture and Contents

Westaway Restorations offers a pack out and storage service for premises which require extensive building repairs. A fire or storm can result in extensive damage to buildings to the extent that the customer cannot live in the premises. In these situations the customer can be relocated to alternative accommodation until the repairs are completed. Westaway Restorations will pack and remove the customer’s furniture and contents items for storage onsite or offsite.

Disaster Clean Up & Repairs

Westaway Restorations provide Water & Storm Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mould Remediation and Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.

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