• Specialist Timber Floor Drying

Timber drying.

Using our specialised equipment, you could save thousands of dollars by Westaway restoring your timber floors instead of having to replace them.

The biggest determining factor in being able to successfully dry timber flooring is time. The sooner you can remove standing water and engage a professional to begin the restoration process, the greater the likelihood of success.

There are now many timber flooring products available and while some flooring products such as bamboo, laminate and engineered flooring are less likely to be restorable due to their construction and use of substrate materials, timber flooring can be successfully restored using different drying techniques.

To replace timber flooring, not only comes at great cost, it can also become a lengthy process that can require the Insured to be relocated during repairs. From sourcing a product similar to your previous floor (which may now not be available), to the time needed to order replacement timber, to the time required on-site for timber to acclimate prior to installation can lead to lengthy delays for repairs.

A cost & time effective solution.

Timber floor drying and restoration is not only a cost and time effective solution to replacement it is also a sustainable solution. Timber floor drying begins with an inspection and moisture testing to determine the extent of damage. In conjunction with the engagement of a timber flooring inspection and repair specialist, who conducts their own inspection, including determination of timber species and confirming if restoration after drying will be successful.

Once it has been confirmed that the flooring can be successfully restored, – a specific drying strategy will be employed. After drying is completed the timber flooring

specialist re-inspects to confirm the time frame in which restoration such as sanding and refinishing can be completed.

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