• Trauma and Crime Scene Decontamination & Cleaning

Trauma and Crime Scene Decontamination and Cleaning.

Westaway Restorations provides Trauma and Crime Scene Decontamination and Cleaning to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern Rivers Regions.

Following an act of violence in a residential or commercial setting, the police may recommend forensic cleaning occurs. Unlike domestic cleaning, which focuses on general housekeeping and presentation, forensic cleaning focuses on restoring the premises to a condition which is safe and healthy for re-entry.

This form of cleaning involves the removal of visible signs of harm and injury (e.g. fingerprint dusting) and removal of any health-related hazards (e.g. blood and body fluids). Specialist services are often recommended for this type of cleaning, either as a stand-alone service or as a service prior to domestic cleaners entering the premises.

Forensic cleaning is a specialist service designed to restore the premises to a condition that is safe and hygienic for re-entry. This is likely to include removal and safe disposal of biohazardous material, disinfection, sanitisation and removal of odours, stains and fingerprint dust. It may require the safe removal and disposal of furnishings and floorings, bedding and other materials and items which are difficult to restore. Many hard-furnishings can be treated and cleaned onsite.

With discretion and care.

The cleaning and decontamination of trauma and death scenes can be challenging, staff who do attend the scene approach the job in a sensitive and discreet manner.

All staff are required to wear Personal Protection Equipment as exposure to blood pathogens can pose a significant health risk. The cleaning process is detailed and utilises enzymes and biocides to decontaminate the site. An UltraViolet light is used to identify less obvious contamination.

The final step is to treat the area using Ozone which is a natural germicide. Successful cleaning and decontamination of a trauma or death scene can be very satisfying for staff in the knowledge that those affected are spared the emotional distress of a visual reminder of their loss.

How we can help

We provide the following services as part of our Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning & Decontamination:

  • Removal and safe disposal of biohazardous materials

  • Cleaning and removal of forensics

  • Clearance Certificates

  • Disinfection, sanitisation and removal of odours and stains

  • Assessment and Listing of Beyond Salvageable Items

Disaster Clean Up & Repairs

Westaway Restorations provide Water & Storm Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mould Remediation and Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.

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