• Water & Storm Damage Restoration

Our restoration process.

Based on the Gold Coast, Westaway Restorations conducts emergency water extraction 24 hours/365 days a year emergency service response from Rockhampton, west to Toowoomba and south to Grafton.

Moisture detection & drying of building & contents using air movers & dehumidifiers. Restoration of water damaged carpet & furniture.

Our qualified technicians will inspect the water affected areas of premises and start a program of salvage and restoration. Generally, on the initial call out, excess water is extracted. Carpet, furnishings and contents items are positioned in an appropriate drying environment and made safe to prevent secondary damage.

Drying equipment is selected such as specialized air movers and/or dehumidifiers. The drying environment and humidity is monitored to reduce the possibility of damage to the building, carpet, furniture and contents items. It is important to note that weather conditions can affect drying times.

Damp carpet generally has a noticeable odour until it is completely dry. Sometimes brown staining occurs to carpet during the drying process – this is normal and in the majority of cases it is completely reversible. When the carpet, underlay and sub-floor is thoroughly dry it can be re-installed. Carpet and furnishings are sanitized, deodorized and steam cleaned as necessary.

Evaluating the extent of the damage.

Westaway Restorations is often asked to dry carpet without consideration being given to the walls or sub-floor. It is important to note that water can seep through carpet and underlay onto the sub-floor. Water can also be absorbed by gyprock wall linings and then work its way up the wall linings through capillary action.

Westaway Restorations has encountered buildings where the wall linings are wet to a height of 500mm when the water level over the floor area was originally only 25mm at its peak. The visible water over the floor area is referred to in the industry as dumb water whilst the water being absorbed up the gyprock wall linings is referred to as the smart water. Sometimes the presence of smart water cannot be detected without the use of moisture detection equipment such as that used by Westaway Restorations. The aim of water damage restoration is to restore the water damaged area to pre-loss condition.

How we can help

Below are some of the services we provide as part of our Water & Storm Damage Restoration:

  • Extraction of Water

  • Drying of Building & Contents

  • Drying of Structure & Timber Flooring

  • Assessment & Listing of Beyond Salvageable Items

  • Carpet Repairs

  • Cleaning of Carpet & Upholstery Items

  • Furniture Repairs

  • Electrical Item Repairs/Testing & Tagging

  • Blind Restoration

  • Laundering & Dry Cleaning Clothing/Linen 

  • Leather Upholstery Repairs

Disaster Clean Up & Repairs

Westaway Restorations provide Water & Storm Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mould Remediation and Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.

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