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“Westaway were so quick and efficient to contact and attend property”
– Auto & General Claims Team Member

“I understand that this was rather a difficult claim and I felt that you really tried to help and I was pleased it has now been satisfactorily resolved.”
– B Weil – via APIA Claims Team Member

“Everyone without exception were incredible to deal with, not only very professional but also very very human which has made the experience such a positive one”
– C Torres – via Suncorp Claims Team Member

“This was a very sensitive claim – Westaway had an extremely quick turnaround for initial attendance and initial report.”
– D Allanson – via Auto & General Claims Team Member

“Member was very happy with Westaway, very polite and lovely people. Very Fantastic” 
– B Johnston – via RACQ Claims Team Member 

“Member expressed that she was very happy with the staff from Westaway. She she stated they were complete gentlemen.”
– C Elphinstone – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Ins was very pleased with the young Westaway technician who attended to do the assessment and also the staff who collected the non-restorable items.”
 – Pena – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Apart from being very friendly, Westaway have been very helpful & efficient.”
– I Lake – via Auto & General Claims Team Member

“Insured wanting to advise very impressed with the speed the claim has been actioned and very impressed with the professionalism of the restorer Westaway Restorations.”
– P McDermott – via Suncorp Claims Team Member

“Member was very happy with the lady who went out to property from Westaway. Said she made a stressful situation into a more easier situation. Very kind, considerate and he is a winner.”
– M Bailey – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Customer compliment – Insured advised the restorer technicians from Westaway were very nice people and did everything they could to salvage her carpet. They offered an excellent service and were good to her. Thank you.”
– B Ware – via APIA Claims Team Member

“Customer advised how the whole claim has gone smoothly, and he is very happy with the process customer Peter also advised how professional Westaway were and they were pleasant to deal with.”
– P Roberts – via AAMI Claims Team Member

“Insured wanted to compliment Westaways on the restorations following fire. Insured advised they did a brilliant job.”
– G Georgia – via Suncorp Claims Team Member

“Insured Susan called to advise Westaway have already done an amazing job and has reduced Insured stress levels. Great work.”
– T Croxford – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Insured has called to compliment Westaway’s advising she does not know what she would have done without them, they have been fantastic!”
– J Gates – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Spoke with Insured about repairs and she confirmed that the cleaning done by Westaway was fantastic and she was happy with everything they had done.”
– R Huwer – via Suncorp Claims Team Member

“Member Kim has called specifically to thank all the parties involved in her claim to date, being builder and Westaway, and also Assessor.”
– K Harding – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Insured asked if the same restoration company Westaway could be used on this claim – as their last claim – because they were excellent and did everything right and in a timely manner and his on site property manager could not speak highly enough about them.”
– R Dalton – via Suncorp Claims Team Member

“Journal notes and updates from Westaway are great – we are aware of all progress via the Journal ahead of contacting our customer with updates. This gives us informed information as opposed to awaiting updates. Thank you Westaway for clear journal updates throughout the progress of restoration.”
– Auto & General Claims Team Member

“Client has advised technician from Westaway was prompt, courteous, efficient. Has been to site three times since lodgement, client was extremely impressed by this service. Client originally did not think there was much damage however damages have since been identified as quite extensive. The client praises Westaway’s thorough work.”
– A Macpherson – Via Auto & General Claims Team Member

“The response to my request for assistance to solve the problem of a saturated carpet was immediate. The carpet restorer was tending to the problem within a couple of hours of my call to AAMI. The AAMI rep with whom I spoke was very helpful and courteous. Follow up was also prompt and considerate.”
– F Sheahan – via AAMI Claims Team Member

“Mr Insured very happy with how claim has proceeded. Westaways attended on date claim lodged for restoration and kept Insured updated all the way. insured has had two recent deaths in the family and the smooth efficient process for the claim has been greatly appreciated by member at this stressful time.”
– J Stavrinoudis – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“Everyone has been wonderful. Her plumber attended at 7:30AM so she could get the water back on, then Westaways Restorations were there by 1pm to dry things out. Westaways dryers were amazing, they did a great job. The level of service has been fantastic.”
– F Dubickas – via RACQ Claims Team Member

“I just wanted to pass on how wonderful Brodie from Westaway is always in her dealings with us, especially in after hours situations. Today I lodged a report for a member who had smoke throughout house and since there was no flame there was no claim. I phoned Brodie to obtain advice to pass on to the member how he could best deal with the situation. This is not the first time I have called upon Brodie for advice, tonight as previously she was very helpful.”
– RACQ Claims Team Member

“Insured phoned early in the morning after she had had a fall in the shower and shower screen glass broke; she is in her eighties and was not able to clean the glass shards thoroughly from her floor. When I called Brodie from Westaway to check if they were able to attend to clean the glass. Brodie was very understanding and I authorised attendance as an ex-gratia service as Ins has contents only. Westaway technician attended in the afternoon and client was very impressed with the technician and service from Westaway. It is great to have a company like Westaway on our panel, the staff are always very helpful and it is great to receive such positive feedback from members – and in particular this member who is elderly and struggling and needed some extra help.”
– RACQ Claims Team Member

“Member’s wanted to pass on what a great experience they have had with their claim from end to end. Member advised that from the time of lodgement the CMO’s, Assessor, Westaway have kept them up to date with everything that is going on. She expressed that before lodging the claim they were extremely nervous as this was their first ever claim an the relief that she felt from the first call onwards that she did not have to worry about any aspect of the process. From RACQ’s end keeping her informed on what was going on and keeping regular contact, getting repairs authorised and underway quickly, trades actually turning up on time, being professional in their conduct (dressing well, cleaning up after themselves, explaining what they were doing and how the equipment worked) and the quality of the workmanship they produced.”
– J & K – Scott – via RACQ Claims Team Member

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Westaway Restorations provide Water & Storm Damage, Fire & Smoke Damage, Mould Remediation and Trauma & Crime Scene Clean Up Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.

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